Consider individual needs: mattresses with zones

Modern mattresses are not only consistently hard, medium-strong, soft or ultra-hard. They are usually divided into different zones or the like. The goal is to meet the personal needs of the user even further. On these specially crafted documents, the spine can be stored even better and more comfortable.

With regard to cold foam mattresses, of course, the individual body weight and the personal preferences of the user must be considered. Cold foam mattresses are provided with inlays or padding, so that particularly heavy body parts are optimally cushioned. In this way, they cannot sink too deeply into the pad.

Latex mattresses: very adaptable and dimensionally stable

The usually very heavy latex mattresses initially seem quite hard and uncomfortable for some users. They score with their extremely high point elasticity. Due to their punctual compliance, they adapt perfectly to your individual body shapes. Due to their high weight or the relatively dense mass, the latex or natural latex mattress convinces on top of that with dimensional stability. It retains its shape over many years and does not show dents or pits after a short time.

Visco mattress: on the volume weight it depends

The so-called Visco mattress convinced the demanding user also with their high body adaptation. In any case, the specific pressure relief is worth mentioning. This mode of action protects stressed or heavy parts of the body. The visco foam mattress core can absorb body weight and contours. In this way, he offers excellent body adaptation and body support.

Spring mattress: firm support

Spring core mattresses are still very popular with consumers. The degree of hardness of each matching model depends primarily on the wire size and the number of turns. Furthermore, the focus should be on the number of springs implemented. The more springs with windings, the better the support of the mattress. Visit our website and Check out Bestmattress-brand for more


In general, the user also benefits in this regard from a higher point elasticity of the mattress. Although a spring mattress with a high number of springs and turns can have a higher degree of hardness.  Back-friendly is pocket spring mattresses. Pocket spring mattresses represent a higher quality variant of the pocket spring mattress with special point elasticity and air circulation.

Consider individual needs: mattresses with zones
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