Know about latex mattresses:

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Latex mattresses have literally conquered the market in recent years, thanks to the innovative and beneficial properties they bring to our sleep, but few know how they are made. With this brief guide, we will see together what to know about latex mattresses, how much they cost and what are the products on the market with the best value for money.

What are latex mattresses?

These are mattresses made with latex, a substance found in what are called rubber trees. From the white liquid substance which is very similar to milk as a color, after a series of processes, it passes to a kind of foam which is given resistance and elasticity through the vulcanization process. Very often we talk about latex memory mattresses as the best mattresses are made by assembling different layers together. In other words, a layer of polyurethane joins the latex layer which allows the structure to deform with the heat of the human body.

Latex or spring mattresses?

Latex mattresses are certainly better than traditional spring mattresses. On the other hand, comparing them with the last with pocket springs, the difference lies in the material itself. Latex is softer and more elastic and, thanks to new technologies, it also has different lift areas to support different parts of the body in different ways.

Benefits of latex mattresses:

By the very nature of latex, these new mattresses have extraordinary properties that make them particularly suitable for those who have problems with insomnia, asthma, allergies and combined with memory water foam they become excellent support to prevent and correct postural problems. Thanks to the internal honeycomb structure, latex mattresses are made up of many small cavities that allow air to circulate, with the obvious advantage of favoring ventilation and removing the warm air of our body, a notable advantage, especially of ‘summer.

Latex mattress prices:

The price of latex mattresses varies depending on the size, structure and covering characteristics. We strongly advise against all products that cost less than 100-150 Dollars as they are poor and low-quality products that are easily damaged. On our online store, you can find many special offers and opportunities to buy quality mattresses guaranteed for 10 years and still made in the traditional way.

Know about latex mattresses:
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