Maintenance of futon mattresses:

The futon mattresses must be turned over to ensure that the surface does not lose uniformity and to avoid the formation of sinkings. Cotton models must be ventilated.

Why sleep on the floor: scientific research?

Research by the National Sleep Foundation found that about two-thirds of adult Americans suffer from sleep-related disorders, despite having very comfortable beds. In past centuries, a man by necessity and not by choice had to sleep on the ground or on natural materials but he did not have this kind of problems. Perhaps the fault lies in the search for electromagnetic fields.

What are electromagnetic fields and what is cortisol?

The electric or electromagnetic fields, in fact, alter the formation of cortisol. Cortisol, also considered the biological indicator of the level of stress, is formed according to a night-day model and is normally present in higher levels during the day when the person is active and in lower levels during the night. The alteration of sleep also involves the alteration of its formation.

The chronic increase of cortisol can lead to a rupture of circadian rhythms, which in turn contribute to a series of adverse health conditions, such as sleep disorders, such as hypertension, such as cardiovascular diseases, such as decreased immune defenses, as abnormal glucose levels, etc.

Often we sleep, unknowingly, surrounded by numerous electric cables which, combined with other electrical / electronic devices, contribute to the formation of electromagnetic fields that directly affect our body, creating a weak electric current that has the effect of increasing the production of free radicals and therefore contribute to altering the production of cortisol during the night.

It has been scientifically proven that exposure in environments with electromagnetic fields of 50-60 Hz increases the concentration of free radicals, lengthens their duration, also increase the chances of creating damage to the body. Find out about mattress stores at which are offering such mattresses to avoid such problems.

The body exposed to electromagnetic fields acts as an antenna and attracts the lines of force. The recognized effect of these electric fields is the solicitation of the electrons present in our body and the induction of an unnatural tension. This is an electrical disorder that can be easily seen with the help of a normal voltmeter on the surface of the body.

Maintenance of futon mattresses:
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